Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Never say never...

I never thought I would actually be blogging. When I first heard about this new craze I was offended. A student of english and journalism I thought that blogging ripped the craft of writing out from under journalists and gave the title to just anyone. I immediately had nothing but contempt for bloggers, much like I have nothing but contempt for those political commentators who brandish themselves as journalists rather than - commentators. But since I began working with blogs at my place of employment, I realize now that they are actually quite the opposite of what I had originally thought. They are the essence of journal writing and I'm looking forward to creating an entertaining and informative blog here. I still, however, have contempt for political commentators. The inside of my mind is often cluttered with different thoughts and opinions and observations that I can never seem to get down on paper fast enough and I hope that this is a good solution. So what is the blog about? It's about life, daily occurences, humorous happenstances and nothing at all. It's about writing, philosophy, changing the world, and fearing change. It's about family and friends. It's about what matters to me and what might just happen to matter to you. It's all that and in between...I just haven't gotten it all down yet. So - enjoy, be paitient and thanks for visiting. And if I come off as an amature at this whole blogging thing - well that's because I am.

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