Friday, July 01, 2005

Fabulous Interview w/ Cameron Crowe!!

If anything could heighten my excitement for the 4th of July and a 3 day weekend it would be someone who appreciates the small moments in everybody's life that are the biggest moments for us all. That man is Cameron Crowe and I found a great interview with him here. The blog is a good one too, I've seen this Benjamin Wagner all over other blogs, and I'll surely be going back to it this weekend to read more. Crowe is the king of the movies that tug at the heart in the most intimate way. In the interview he discusses "Elizabethtown" at length and I can NOT wait to see this film. It's sure to be a masterpiece. If you haven't seen the trailer SEE IT. Who could forget: - The airport scene when Patrick Fugit watches Kate Hudson leave in Almost she slowly comes to a realization her eyes well up and she puts her hand to the window... - Not just "You had me at hello" or "Show me the money" but when little Jonathon Lipnicki gives Tom Cruise a hug and Renee Zellweger tears up just watching... - John Cusack - king of hopeless romantics everywhere - holding up the boom box for Diane Court in Say Anything. And the music - every day, every moment in life can be paired up with the perfect piece of music - and this guy finds the best of them all... I think I've just lined up a movie marathon. Happy 4th of July!!!

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