Monday, August 08, 2005

Dear Maddie, (Part One)

Dear Maddie, Hey. What's up? Um, 1st thing's 1st - I should probably tell you who you are. And who I am. Right now, you are just a squirmy little thing inside your mommy's tummy. I know this because sometimes your mom will pull her shirt up so we can all see her stomach and out of nowhere you'll just start pushing against muscle and tissue and skin and it's the kind of thing that looks cool - but then makes me squirm too. I just happened to be talking to your mom today and she told me to blog because the other day she was bored at work...and the thought just sort of came to me: why not drop ol' Maddie a line? Your mom is my best friend. So I hope that you'll be seeing a lot of me in the future. I don't know if I'll always be living as close to you and your parents as I do now but it doesn't matter. I will always make sure to see you. I can't have you growing up not knowing about the most intelligent, witty and downright cool person your mother has ever known now, can I? This is my first picture of you. Your mom sent it out to a bunch of us - months ago. You are way bigger than that now. In that picture, you look just like a bean. That's the first thing Stacy said. So you have been nicknamed "bean". Sorry. It stuck. And it will stick forever. After talking to your mom today, I realized that you will be here really soon. You should know that we are all excited. "We" being your parents, of course, their parents, brothers, sisters, family etc. etc. And all of their friends. We just can't wait for you to get here. It's important for you to know that because, people don't wait around for each other anymore. If you find someone who waits for you - you've got something there. Ask your parents about that one. They know. Taxis don't even wait anymore. Planes rush off, sales people are pushy and you'll find that your peers will push you to grow up before you're really ready. Remember the love and care that goes into waiting. I personally am excited for you to get here because your mom said I get to read to you. Somebody has to teach you how to read and if I leave it up to your mom your first word will be "Cosmopolitan" or "Glamour" or worse. Trust me - stories are fun. So yeah, I started thinking, I'll blog for Maddie. That'll be fun. Maybe Kim will think it's a cute idea. Then I thought, I'll blog for her whenever Kim does something worth writing about. Then I thought, we'll EXPAND! Yes! We'll give Maddie her own blog! Then I thought, FRANCHISE! Everyone will be reading the blog, we'll get a clothing line! Bibs! Rattles! All with the words "Dear Maddie" on them! We'll start a training camp for mommies and daddies-to-be!!! It'll be HUGE! Then I are still a bean. The world can wait. I'll be writing you again soon.

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