Monday, May 01, 2006

The Need to Maintain

If life is a game - we are all players just looking to win. (I bought the 1st season of Grey's Anatomy this weekend so my head is full of Meredith & McDreamy. ) I heard somewhere once, that we are not as afraid to fail as we are to become as powerful as we are destined to be. I think this is true. When faced with a door wide open - the chance to get off the bench and take our shot - the fear can outweigh the adrenaline. First comes the fear - and we must push through it to hit that rush...that mad crazy rush that takes us all the way through the game. I realize I am more afraid of my own potential - than my own odds of failure. Because of this - I try to force myself into failure. None of this makes sense to you...whoever you happen to be. There is a point where we become adults. We land the man, or the job or the degree or the house. There is, only after the landing - the inevitable "then what". Then, we have to marry it, work it, use it or maintain it. Maintain. Life is all about maintaining. Maintain the relationship with "I love you's", maintain the job and push through to Friday, maintain the degree and never stop learning...maintain the house and keep your feet on solid ground. Pay your bills, do your laundry and keep milk and coffee in the fridge. We do all these things, one after another, and keep getting up in the morning and keep doing them - to win. It's a game of endurance - and it's not a team effort. No matter what play one might think you should execute, no matter how many may appear to be on your team - the game is up to you. The moves you make, the words you speak - they are of your discretion and yours alone. And they are what can make people stop watching. If life is a game...and we are the players...fear is the buzzer. And I sound McCorny.

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