Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Whatever Gets You Through The Day

Lately I've been plagued with introspection. I could say lately. Or I could say always. There's a moment when the story comes to you. When you think you're just covering an event in a nearby town. A motorcycle run on Memorial Day. Then there's that moment. The something behind it. The memory of a young mother who was killed. The motorcycles riding in her name. I wonder about her life. And her death. Rachel's off to Arizona for 10 whole days. I wish I could go to Arizona. I wish I could go anywhere. I wonder why I can't. I analyze the word "can't". I haven't been talking to her much. About the things in my brain as I usually do. I hope the ten days fly by. I want to talk to my friend again. I wonder how I can be so juiced about writing - about this first step in my career. "Career" sounds so adult. I wonder how - at the same time - I can put stories off. Dread having to find something to say. Dread the blank page. Dread it. I'm tired. And as always, I've allowed my brain to get too stored up with thoughts. I slugged my way through it today. Sucked down some coffee. Cat napped. Just to get the day over with. Whatever gets you though the day. Then I realized I had a long night ahead of me. Whatever gets you through the day. A single photograph made me smile. Ear to ear. My (okay Kim's) little 'Mad Dog'. In her fashionable hat.

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