Thursday, October 12, 2006

morbid...yet deep

I'm reading "Downtown" by Pete Hamill right now.

In the first few pages, Hamill tells of a time when he was covering a murder scene as a reporter. The photographer pointed out to him that the victim was wearing one brown sock and one blue sock. The significance, he explains, was that it showed the man dressed in the dark - or was dressed by someone in the dark - for that was the reason he'd have two different colored socks on.

I'm always losing socks. I don't know how. Sometimes, when clean laundry is scarce - I'll put on two different colored socks. I'm wearing shoes or boots so nobody would really know.

So if I was murdered (god forbid) on a day when I have no laundry, someone might think I got dressed in the dark...but really I'm just out of laundry. And they would have no idea that I'm that type of gal...who would wear two different socks if she had to because she wouldn't really care.

Which bugs me a bit...that if that happened...somebody would make an incorrect assumption just because they wouldn't know me well enough.

I should really make a list of my little eccentricities...just for future reference.

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