Wednesday, February 14, 2007

snow. day.

It makes me want to go home. And get in bed. And watch movies. With hot cocoa...

Blizzard and Winter Storm Warnings are parading across local television stations, parking lots are only navigable by All Terrain Vehicles and it is cold.

Winter just gave a big F*ck You to global warming.

And still...I want a snow day. No matter how old we get, a piece of us will appreciate Winter for the simple nostalgia of The Snow Day. When you go to sleep as white flakes begin to accumulate on the lawn - and you wake to find that school has been cancelled. As adults - we can't lie. A piece of us wakes with that same bit of excitement. That same bit of apprehension - that we'll turn on our local news and see that there is no work today. Work is closed today. It's a snow day. never happens.

Fortunately for me - my college has decided to join the Tri-State area in cancelling classes for Wednesday. Which means that until my workday starts at 7pm. I have a snow day. And I am super excited.

This morning, on my way home from work, I got stuck in my parking lot. Later, I got stuck in Kim's driveway. I nearly fell three separate times. Still, when I finally made my way back home this afternoon, kicking the snow off my boots and carrying my last minute, emergency groceries into my kitchen - all I could think about was that little kid sitting anxiously in front of the television at night - watching the up-to-the-minute forecasts.

One day, I will have plenty of money. And in my closet, will be an abundance of clothes from REI and sweaters from L.L. Bean. I will layer up in the mornings - unafraid of the windchill - strap on water resistant boots and shovel my own driveway. I might even help a neighbor. I'll know all about the importance of anti-freeze and snow tires and my cupboards will be full of boxes of hot cocoa and bags of marshmallows.

I'll respect Winter by exploring it. I'll travel wherever possible, tell stories of people struggling through blizzards or living in constant cold. Alaska, Peru, Siberia - Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York. I'll taste salt on my tongue and apply cocoa butter to my skin when it burns from the wind. I'll examine the idea of global warming - for myself. See an iceberg or two.

One day...but until then - I'll have to settle for my snow day.

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