Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The day, simply, could not have been more perfect.

I woke up in the cool shade of my apartment. Cool shade because it was 73 DEGREES outside today! The best part about summer is the air conditioning. Sun and comfortable coolness all at once. It's fantastic really.

Rachel called and we chatted over coffee and breakfast for what ended up being a couple of hours. Finally, I got myself into the shower and out into the sun.

Without a jacket.

That's where it got to perfect.

I picked up my first iced latte of the season. Yes, there are rumors of snow showers towards the weekend - but SNOW BE DAMNED. It was 73 degrees outside.

As I settled back into the car, my phone began to vibrate. My mommy is home, her vacation to Texas, over. I missed her. A call from one's mommy does always a good day make.

Iced latte in hand, I rolled down my window and blared The Shins into the warm afternoon. I felt like calling everybody. I called Kim.

"It's beautiful out!" I cried.

We talked quickly and excitedly. I think it was the weather. Inside, my apartment was cool and shady, just as I'd left it. I soaked it up. I crunched until I couldn't crunch anymore. Leg lifted until I could leg lift anymore. Jumped on the Gazelle and swore that this, THIS, was all I needed to get back into my habits. My drink eight bottles of water a day, go to the gym three times a week, work out at home on alternate days, enjoy the feeling of an achey body - habits.

I pulled into work, made my coffee, sat down with a smile.

A few hours later - my body was achey. It felt as good as 73 degrees.

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