Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it's always something

Surprisingly to me, the best thing I did this weekend - okay maybe not the best thing - but a cool thing at least - that I did this weekend, was let Leslie upload my Gilda Radner Live CD to our Ipods.

Because standing outside tonight at work, frustrated and pondering as usual about work and writing and where my drive and passion have actually gone...I clicked on the Roseanne Roseannadanna track. Because "It's always something" was exactly how I was feeling.

I'd forgotten exactly what the skit was about. Here's a snippit. It's really not as good w/o the voice.

"...As I look out at your sweet, young, tender journalistic faces with those stupid black hats on with the little tassels hanging off of them - I can't help but know what you're thinking. You're probably saying to yourself, 'Hey, I'm a college graduate. I spent a lot of time in school. What does journalism have to offer me? What do I have to offer journalism? What am I gonna write about? What am I gonna write with? Should I use a typewriter or a pencil? What kinda pencil a #2 pencil or one that writes darker? Where do I get these pencils, does my boss buy 'em for me or do I have to buy 'em myself? And if I don't bring the pencils, am I gonna get fired? And if I get fired, I'll starve and if I starve I'll die and then what'll I do?'

Class of '79...for college graduates you sure ask a lot of dumb questions. But I know exactly what you're going through. Because I remember when I first entered the field, I was real nervous. Imagine, if you will, an idealistic, young, Roseanne Roseannadanna. Fresh out of the Columbia School of Broadcasting - looking for a job in journalism. I filled out applications, I went for interviews and they all told me the same thing: 'You're over-qualified, you're under-qualified, don't call us - we'll call you, it's a jungle out there, a woman's place is in the home, have a nice day, drop dead, goodbye'.

But I didn't give up. I mean, I went to see the head of personnel at CBS, the Tiffany network. And he said to me: 'Ms. Roseannadanna, I think you should look for work in the wonderful world of fast foods.'

I was kinda P.O'd at that..."

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