Thursday, December 13, 2007

t-minus 30 minutes

Finals will commence in thirty minutes and be over shortly thereafter.

I should be cramming, trying to beef up my Spanish vocabulary just a little bit more. But my brain can't hold any more information...and my eyes can barely hold themselves open.

All I can really think about is the short stack of New York Magazines that have gone unread that I plan to tackle with reckless abandon this weekend. The house that has gone only straightened up that needs to be massively cleaned. The horribly neglected free weights and gazelle in the living room. The horribly neglected person who stares at me in the mirror in the morning.

And the decisions to be made. A break from school...while scary...might be a necessity. A frightening commitment to career might have to be made. The decision to affect what happens to me rather than let what happens affect me might also have to be made...

People usually see winter break as a time to enjoy Christmas or Hanukkah or presents or snow.

I want to enjoy my bed again. My music. My books and my brain and my friends and my family.

Drink warm, milky tea and rich, strong coffee. And feel my muscles ache again. And give my brain a rest. Before it burns out with the rest of me.

T-minus 20 minutes...

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Alan said...

So how did you do on your finals?