Tuesday, March 18, 2008

today i ached for morning

Today I couldn't stop thinking about how sweet mornings can be.

The weather is only starting to change. And it's little by little. The high 40's and low 50's were nice last week - but they were only to be followed up by mid 30's with cold, sleety rain.

Still. It's amazing the memory that senses can hold. Like when a song or a movie or even just a portion of a song from a movie can transport you right back to where you were in the space and time when it was *the* movie or *the* song.

Know what I mean?

So today I ached for morning. No matter how cool it might be, six or seven o'clock is the sweetest time of day. When the sun is just rising, stepping outside, you can feel the earth turning over. Still warm with sleep - in its own perfect position. You know, the one you're in just before you fully wake up when all your covers are perfectly wrapped around you and you are so completely comfortable. Morning feels like that.

Everything tastes better. Coffee tastes better, eggs taste better, bagels taste better and newspapers smell better. The light is brighter.

Today I ached for morning.

The brain is sharper in the morning, I think. More gets done when the tasks are started in the early morning. The air is inherently crisp - even in 90 degree heat and humidity. It gets into the blood, into the veins. Morning creates the illusion that the day goes on forever. Like every day lasts a lifetime. Which subsequently makes sunset a delightful, calming and serene surprise.

Today I ached for morning. And for a sultry sunset - met with beers on the back deck with my closest friends. I think on the next, I might even slip in a couple of shots. To drink in and get as drunk as - a day that starts with the magic of morning...A day that seems like it will last forever.

Today I ached for morning.

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