Thursday, June 23, 2005

Everyone is more talented than

I'm on a blog craze now, as everyone can tell and I keep searching through different ones that catch my eye, trying to see what they're doing right and get ideas for both my own blog and for work. It's fun and it's also a little depressing. It seems everyone is more talented than I. Of course I know that this is not technically true but they're definitely more open on their blogs than I have dared to be on mine. Damn me. Always worrying about everybody's feelings. That's why nothing I ever write comes off really genuine. Except the poetry which is always so laden with emotion that after a few weeks I'm embarrassed to show it to anyone. Maybe this is a turning point. Maybe I just need to attack the fear of honesty in my writing like I would a band-aid. Too much to wrap my head around right now. Here are some FABULOUS places to visit. Seriously, these people are good: The Reign of Ellen - Check out her "100 Things About Me" page. Hilarious. What The Hell is Wrong With You? - I mentioned her already, but she's good too. Design*Sponge - This woman is a professional. She gets people to read her stuff though and she's got great taste. Sigh...Cracker Jack Material.