Thursday, June 23, 2005

A.M. Radio

What I'm Listening to Right Now: Listen to this now! Posted by Hello Still angry from last night...families can do that to you, can't they? For those of you who are totally confused here's a run down just liberal enough to spare everyone's precious feelings - I went to visit my mother last night and during a rather benign conversation a member of my family decided to personally attack me for no apparent reason. The way it works is, when someone does something like that I'm usually very calm and so I just left the house. Then I got home and got pissed off. I remain pissed off this morning - why? Just because I think that more and more people are losing their grip on reality. And it's annoying. So this morning, I'm driving to work and I look for something to pop in the CD player. I don't want anything too angry (i.e. Metallica or Hole) because that'll make me want to drive my car into a tree. I don't want anything too mellow or with too good a vibration (i.e. Reba McIntire or Brad Paisley) because that'll just make me want to choke anyone who's got a smile on their face. In my trusty little arm rest/storage - one of the best CD's of all time that I forgot I had. Athenaeum's album "Radiance" is a gold mine. I first heard it when Oren drove me home from Pennsylvania and it got us through Ohio. Each song is great. It's got intelligent lyrics that aren't too full of themselves, the lead singer has a unique voice and the music itself is pop/alternative - but not in an annoying kinda way. Cracker Jack Material....I'll be back later.