Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Good News From ONE

An update sent out by the ONE organization (www.one.org) - states that President Bush announced last Tuesday that there was progress in discussions with other countries on a 100% debt cancellation for the world's poorest countries - and for plans to do more for Africa. The debate will be endless on what it means to cancel our debts with other countries when our own nation still struggles financially. However, the cancellation of such debts will free up money that can be used by those countries to help improve their own situations. I think it is an excellent and quite frankly - a truly American act of good faith and goodwill. On a related note - I've been looking back into volunteering services to the peace corps once again. I had expressed interest in the peace corps a couple of years ago, and if I continue my education I might have a chance of being accepted in a couple of years. So if anyone out there has ever done any work with the peace corps - please - I'd love to hear your stories and opinions on the organization. To read more on President Bush's announcement click here: http://www.one.org/NewsOnTheIssues.aspx

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