Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Never Ending Plastic Cup

Well I'm sad to report that nothing truly extraordinary happened at this year's Flag Day celebration. It was - if anything - another hint that I need a hangout. Something that never gets old with bright lights, stimulating conversation and lots of people. That's it. I need to start hanging out in a Sex & the City episode. I actually like Flag Day, and the beer tent - as I said in my previous post. For some reason, however, this year there were less people out and about that I recognized - which made me feel like a bad cliche (the one who never left town). But I am jumping around. The day was as unstable as the weather which was overcast at times with the the threat of rain and then sunny. The only thing constant about it was that it was muggy and hot. With uncertain plans I was forced to play the "when are we going, who's going with who and what and where and when and why and for the love of g-d just tell me" game. I hate that game. When we finally set out the sun was taking cover behind the horizon and night was closing in. It was dark when we finally got to the beer tent. The demon alcohol was alive and kicking. People stumbled by with plastic beer pitchers in hand. Pregnant women seemed to travel in groups and the more people smiled the more this Flag Day festival looked like a dentist's dream. Eventually we made our way to the tent closest to the line of port-o-potty's. Best seats in the house - no pun intended. No seriousness either. The only entertainment of the night was watching a woman who was well into her forties with jaggedly cut black hair in an orange, white and yellow flowered mummu fall into the mud as she stepped away from the port-o-potty. If there's one place on earth you don' want to fall....that's the place. So that's right folks...this is a boring post. Nothing to fear though - I'm still holding out hope for the 4th of July. Ah - and to end on a good note - I saw an excellent quote on the back of some guy's t-shirt today. It said, "The problem with the world is that everyone else is a few drinks behind." - Humphrey Bogart. Amen Bogie. Amen.