Saturday, June 11, 2005

Happy Flag Day!

As I headed out this morning - a late morning - I could barely drag myself out of bed before 10:00 a.m., the small town I live in was already well into a busy morning. Many were out mowing their lawns before the sun hit its hottest peak and before the impending rain we've been warned about all week. Several industrial size lawn tractors or mowers or whatever they were in bright John Deere colors were set up in a courtyard just off to the side of the police station. Members of what I believe was the County Sherrif's Department were set up at the town's main intersection asking for donations to help further research for Altzhiemers and Autism. The Moose Lodge was packed with people who I assume had been at that morning's sponsored golf outing and a car wash was taking place in the parking lot of the local credit union. Indeed, it was one of those active mornings that I love about a small town. When everyone is busy doing something that allows them to take advantage of sunny weather and a day off of work. It's Flag Day weekend, a holiday I only learned existed last year, I'm sad to say. It's Saturday, and my friends and I have big plans for tonight. People who live on the beaches of South Carolina or even just off the beaches of Lake Michigan might be racing to their pontoon boats and gassing up their $1K grills... I'm sure there are fairs and festivals taking place all over the country, and people in Texas might be gathering around a mechanical bull or watching a local rodeo. I bet a million people are fishing. No, no, no, my friends and I have big plans. That's right - we're going to the beer tent. Well, yeah there's some kind of fair that's going on not far from town, and really I don't know what it's all about - all I know is there's a beer tent and that's where we're going. Last year, I was surprised to see that there wasn't even really that big of a tent and mostly everyone was elsewhere anyway, drinking beer from plastic cups - some wearing more of it than they were drinking. These kinds of "events" mean that you'll run into a lot of people you didn't realize still live in the area - people from high school that you dread having to see at your reunion. But it's all part of "going to the beer tent". The only bad thing about the beer tent is the fact that it's one of those things that requires you to relieve yourself in a port-o-potty, which - let's face it people - just isn't healthy. In this day and age you'd think that we'd develop better technology for portable urinals than Joy's Johns. Last year's memorable moment? When Rachel, Leslie and I - trying to avoid the horrors of the port-o-john, went together in a larger, unisex/family size port-o-potty. You'd think that you'd feel a little more comfortable with some gal pals with you - but alas... We tried not to knock each other over as one by one we hovered over the empty hole. I felt like I was in the middle of the scene in Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom as my friends warned me not to look down into that little hole and I couldn't help but do just that. It will never happen again, I promise you that. So tonight - The Beer Tent. What will happen - is anybody's guess....stay tuned...muhahahahahaaaa! :)

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