Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm a Sucker for Fireworks

4th of July weekend is looking like it's going to be a very busy one indeed. I'm half excited and half dreading the chaos that is trying to make time for everyone. That happens to me a lot. My boss invited me to her house again this year - as she has every year for I dunno, like 5 years (I always skip out on going) - but this year is different. Ho ho ho, this year they have some kick ass fireworks. Mortars, to be exact. Bombs, man. Their new neighbors are pyrotechnics. So I'm excited and I'll definitely be making plans to get to her house for the festivities. Last year some friends of mine went out on a limb and got those big expensive fireworks that shoot up in the air like the ones you see on t.v.? With all the colors? Yeah, those. That was great. I haven't had a 4th of July that I really enjoyed since I was a kid. When my parents were still married, the neighborhood we lived in had a block party every 4th. We'd put up road blocks and everyone would be out in the lawns, soaking up the sun, kids running with squirt guns and water balloons and wives coming in and out with beer and lemonade while the men stood over their grills, beat their chests and cooked big pieces of meat. Just like a 50's t.v. show. I wish life was still like that. Anyway, we'd compete when it came to fireworks. Once the sun went down my dad would set up an old coffee can and start lighting the bottle rockets. Oren was always there with him when he did it, I was always too scared and huddled up by my mommy. Then there were the fountains. It's funny how when you're a kid the little fountains that only cost like $1.50 are like the coolest things you've ever seen. Then you're 25. And you want bombs. I miss those 4th of July's. When all day was about celebrating and hot dogs and sparkly lights. After my parents divorced and we moved in with my Grandparents, the only things we were allowed to do on the 4th was light sparklers...and we had to stand in the middle of the yard with buckets of water around us. My grandmother is a tad over-cautious. So this year there is plenty to do. We'll be celebrating my grandmother and uncle's birthdays, my friends are having a cookout which I must attend (for which I have a slight ulterior motive - not to diminish my love for my friends, I would go no matter what), and the races are being held at the TNT. My friend Leslie is in town and I volunteered to help her if I could find the time. I've been assured there's plenty of..."Interesting" people watching to be done there. Should be an awful good time. And then there are the bombs. Whooo Hoooo.