Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oh, Just Stick It...

A man on a residential road disappears one day. He was snatched up and taken to a country...let's say he's taken to Mexico. When he realizes he's in a foreign country and he does not speak the language...he's scared. When he sees three men in black clothes and face masks threatening his life, he's scared. He is beaten until he tells the men the answers to the questions they ask. Germany and Italy have taken action against the CIA for the act of rendition. Picking up suspected terrorists and moving them to a 3rd country for interrogation and sometimes torture. The mood of the media that I've heard or read over this is troublesome to me. It's as if we're feeling bad about this or something. Like we really shouldn't have picked up that poor terrorist guy and given him a beating to find out his plan to harm a bunch more innocent people. People, this is the CIA. The movies really aren't all as far off as we like to think. These are people going after very bad, bad guys. German officials are all upset because we snatched up one of their terrorists and probably were successful in getting information out of him. Italy is just as upset. They issued warrants. Warrants! Seriously, you're going to take a spy and put him on trial?! Um, yeah okay. He's a SPY for crying out loud. I got a better idea, let's just put all our spies into a big year book and pass it out to every country. Then if you see one you can just you know, pick him up and keep him in custody. No. No no no. Spies people. Seriously do I have to f*%&ing explain this? Funny - nobody wants to tell us what those terrorists we snatched did either. Not that we ought to know, but nobody takes into account that they're um, TERRORISTS. BAD PEOPLE. MEANIES. So we assume that as in the case with Guantanamo Bay that Americans are just a bunch of blood thirsty homicidal maniacs who can't wait to jump on the torture wagon. Back to the man who was snatched off a residential road and taken to Mexico. You hear about it and you feel bad for the man. You think America is in the wrong. You're disgusted. You jump on the bandwagon that we're a bunch of nut-jobs, we shouldn't be at war, etc. etc. One day, you find out that the man who was taken was frightened and beaten and he told the three men who took him that he was planning on causing extreme harm, bloodshed to your children, your friends and your family. Outrageous plans to do the unspeakable to the people you love. The men found out and took him to Mexico so he'd be scared enough to talk. Once he did, they kept him in custody so he would never harm anyone. I would really like to see a newspaper, a columnist, somebody, stand up for America and tell Italy and Germany to stick it. They shouldn't be claiming terrorists in the first place.

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