Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Change Things Now

Live 8 was about more than just music. If you've not even paid attention to what Live 8 is, or haven't even checked out a website or two, maybe a news article or for chrissakes you haven't bothered to even look at photos available on - get off your lazy cheeto-eating ass and do something productive. The G8 summit is on. Now. That’s right. But you can still make your voice heard and tell President Bush that you want more help and more aid for Africa. Sign the ONE declaration now. Please, don’t wait. If you missed the Live 8 concerts that took place all around the world this past weekend you missed some very important messages. Every 3 seconds – one person in Africa dies. Now since America tends to enjoy titles like “black” person or “African American” person or “foreign” person – let me say it again. One person. A human being. Regardless of race, gender, religion and everything else we tend to hate people for around here – we’re all human beings. Ours is a world made up of a group of human beings – in Africa we are dying. Did you know that in Africa, rebel armies will cut off the legs and arms of children – just so they can’t grow up to fight them in the future? Not only are women stolen just to be raped and beaten – but they’re used as baby making machines… In order to strengthen the future army, women are used to give birth – so much so that many of them die – from infections, from bleeding out, from lack of medical attention – and because their bodies are simply worn out. Men, women, children and elderly are forced from their homes because of rebel violence – and they become displaced. Lost to help, food, shelter and medical attention. Forget about Brad Pitt the actor, or Will Smith the rapper, or Madonna the pop star. Every 3 seconds, a human being in Africa dies. If you do anything today – take two seconds and sign the One Declaration… These days, it can be tiring always caring about what other people think, to care about what you’re wearing or about the car you’re driving.

All day - everyday we care about the lives of celebrities and our calorie count and carbs. We care about who’s going to be #1 on TRL or if the Anger Management Tour is coming to our hometown. Take a break from all of that – and do something selfless. Care about someone else. Learn more at Blog One. Please sign now. There is always time.

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