Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Last night Kim made fun of me for feeling left out of this latest bout of Harry Potter madness. "You are 25, right?" she said. Well 6.9 million copies of Harry Potter were sold in 24 hours. In the US alone. Not only is it a record. It's a miracle. I didn't know 6.9 million people in the world could still read, much less were willing to pick up a book. Still being left out of a 6.9 million member club is daunting. I must get back into the loop. This morning on my way to work I thought everything looked unusually hazy. I figured it was some sort of twisted sense of fate for how my outlook on life has been lately. It wasn't. I'd forgotten my glasses on the coffee table. As I turned back around and headed home to get them, I realized how dangerously bad my eyesight has become. Now I'm sitting at my desk and I really need to begin my day...but I've got so much on the brain. My services have been needed more than usual lately, it seems. Between Rachel's anxiousness about her upcoming trip, Kim's thoughts on her upcoming wedding and everyone else's issues, I feel rather...spent. I'd give anything for something all my own. There is my apartment, thankfully, and it is a haven lately. To come home and sit on the couch in peace and quiet. Until the phone rings... It seems as though someone else's agenda is always at the helm of a trip, so even traveling seems insignificant to me now. Something all my own. How odd to wish so hard for something that sounds so simple.


Bags said...

I'm 25 and I love Harry Potter! So, your not the only one. :) I have even taken one of those quizzes online to see how much knowledge I know. I got a 76%! Now, that is bad and I'm slightly embarrassed.

Jessica said...

Hey man, thanks for the support. It won't sway Kim any though. She just doesn't get it. What's bad is being annoyed that 6.9 million people in the world know something you don't...and it's all fiction! :)