Sunday, August 21, 2005


Here's a little secret... I love babies. I'm not a mother, I question whether or not I even want to give birth in the future and often make faces when the subject of kids and babies comes up among friends. But I love babies. I love babies because they when they look at you...looking at them - they don't ask you any questions. They can't ask why you're not busy doing something more productive with your time, or why you are up so late, or why you don't take better care of yourself. I love babies because they are so untouched by the world. They don't know anything about success, failure, expectations or disappointments. Rubbing his little nose against Kim's shoulder, Baby J fought against sleep and the ceiling light. As he slipped into slumberland he popped right back up and stared at Kim. Fighting against defeat. When Kim had to take a phone call, I took a still restless Baby J from her and hoped he wouldn't start screaming. "Hey," I said. "How's it going?" He pulled at my glasses. He grabbed my nose. He rubbed his nose against my shirt and tried to get comfortable. He turned to the left, he turned to the right...he burped. "That sounds about right." I whispered.

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