Monday, August 22, 2005



I wrote this long, nasty post that was all against Cindy Sheehan. (Nope, not gonna post a link. If you've been living under sod, lately, then you have the distinct fortune of not knowing who she is...) But I won't post it. I simply can't get that bias even if this is a personal blog. Instead, just because I'm feeling a little political today I want to state a few things:
  • I support our troops. And the war. And the seated president. When he is unseated I will support the next one regardless of whether he got my vote or not. He - or someday she - who holds that office is entitled to our respect.
  • Just because I might support Bush on some policies and some decisions he's made, doesn't mean I support the Republican Party on everything they stand for, or their nominations...
  • I was against the war until our troops set foot on sand. After that, I realized that it is more important to stand behind your country, then let the enemy see how weak you are as a nation.
  • I think the media is just as much at fault for the American people believing they have been deceived as the American people believe Bush is at fault.
  • If President Bush starts meeting with individuals when they demand it, then I think we might as well set up a stage for him at the mall and we can all form a line and sit on his knee.
  • C'mon people. Young girls & guys are over there getting shot at. Seriously, can't we just hold off a little bit? They're doing that for us. They're doing it because of the free will that allowed them to sign a piece of paper to fight for their country. Other countries require all of their citizens to enroll in the armed forces.

And finally... The people at Fox, CNN, MSNBC etc. need to find real journalists...and start doing some real reporting.


gigotti said...

Thank You. That post took guts to publish. I couldnt say it better myself and I am one of those soldiers currently serving in Iraq. I wish more people saw things the way you do but hey, this is America. Once again, from all of us serving over here, THANK YOU for your support.

Jessica said...

Hey Brian - you and your guys keep your heads up... We definitely breed good media grabbers over here, but remember that those who support you guys and are thankful for what you do every day are greater in number.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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