Sunday, August 07, 2005

Busy Weekend - Installment #2

"Happy College." Ahh yes...the days when you are young and carefree. Days of no rent, no bills and no real responsibilities. Those precious days between graduation and orientation - when you are on the brink of freedom. The days leading up to your first day of college. My little brother is just days away from moving 3 1/2 hours away to his new life at Ball State. And if the other night is any indication - he's going to be just fine. Just keep him away from the Doritos. It was cards, cocktails and cackling at Stacy's again the other night in celebration of Dustin heading off to school. There was plenty of PBR and some delicious Margaritas. There were also - unexpectedly - shots of tequila flying about. In attendance we had myself, Dustin, Stacy, Jen and Ricky. Supporting cast members included Stacy's kids, Jon's brother Jeff and his guests Jimmy, Jimmy and Holly. Only in our lovely Bucktown would you find yourself in the same house as a 12pk of PBR and two guys named Jimmy. I brought a full tin of change and left with a nice chunk of it missing. It had wandered its way out of my tin and into Jen's plastic bag. All I have to say to that is that my money is much like my people - we tend to find our way back home. Dustin lost all his money, but he found a great deal at the local liquor store. A delicious burrito for $1.29. He liked it so much he talked about it. All. Night. Long. We have some photographic evidence of that night. I will be getting my hands on those pictures as soon as possible - and I'm sure with the help of my older brother - we'll have a nice blackmail file set up by the time Dustin gets to his dorm. Dustin may be able to drink with the big dogs - there was no yakking incident to speak of - but he sure can't stay up with them. After he nodded off in the chair, Stace suggested he go pass out on the couch. Dustin opted for the floor. When I went in an hour later to wake him up and take him home, it took a few kicks to the knees and a swift one to the ribs - and a lot of yelling. The highlight of the night? As a zombie-like Dustin stood in the front room on his way out to the car, Stacy's son Gavin ran up and looked at him and said, "why do you drool?" Why, for the Doritos of course.