Monday, August 01, 2005

I Got Nothing

I have been staring at this computer screen and I assure you all...I have been really, really trying to think of something poignant, funny or even just interesting to say. I just can't. So in the midst of a whole lot of nothing - I think - you can't rush genius. If that is true, then maybe my brain isn't empty. Maybe it's just bracing for genius. Yeah, that could be it. Maybe. My friend Jen is returning from Las Vegas tomorrow. She was hoping that I would hold off on any funny or exciting blogs while she was gone. She'll be happy to see that my brain has shut down almost entirely. I'm always happy to oblige. I wish I had so many intriguing observations to share. Funny little stories or...something. I got nothing. I think if you were looking for the most boring blog in all of the world wide web. You may have found it. Lucky you.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

It's not boring. If it were boring, I wouldn't continue to read it everyday. Maybe you just have some sort of writers block. Don't worry it will pass.