Thursday, September 01, 2005

Every Little Bit...

Rachel gave me a call today while I was on my lunch. In the middle of our conversation we went back to the utter disaster taking place in Louisiana and Mississippi. It is so hard to watch, we say to each other. We just want to go down there and help out. Somehow. People are always quick to assume that money will not get where it needs to go. So they don't send any. They don't have they don't send any. And let's face it...we can't all just jump in our cars and head down to the southern part of our country to lend a helping hand...even if that's exactly what we want to do. Benjamin Wagner has recorded a song called "Biloxi". Go to his website and make a contribution and you'll be given access to download it. He'll match your contribution and send the sum to the relief fund. Every little bit helps. And if you can't give money...maybe take some canned food, bottled water, old clothes, toys or whatever to your local Salvation Army or Red Cross and tell them you want to donate something to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Right now, lawlessness and desperation threaten to take over the people of these ravaged cities. Maybe we can give them a little hope.

Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina

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B'nai B'rith

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