Friday, September 09, 2005

What Have I Stepped In?

Okay, I think I have like...3 people total who regularly read this blog...maybe 4. Kim forgets to refresh - so she doesn't count. Nevertheless, I got this idea from another blog - one which is much more popular than mine - and I'm bored and it's Friday so whatever... Post a comment and ask me any 3 questions. Any 3. About anything at all. I have to answer them honestly and completely. And if I don't get any questions, I will post something saying how unloved I feel - but secretly will be relieved and move on quickly to something else... Any 3 questions and I will post my honest answers...honestly.


bags15 said...

1. What's the one place that you must see before you leave this earth?

2. What's your biggest fear in life?

3. If the season finale is on both Lost and Alias on the same night and at the same time....which one would you watch? :) And you won't be able to watch the other episode..ever.

Jessica said...

Very nice Sarah. Okay, give me til Monday...I wanna see if anybody else comes up with anything.

Leslie said...

I'll get the "ugly" one out of the way first...

1. Why do you feel that you can't talk to anyone about how you are feeling lately?

2. Will you continue to watch Alias if Vaughn leaves and Afleck makes regular appearances?

3. When are we going on our roadtrip? We've been talking about it for a couple of years now and nothing. And for the record South Bend doesn't count as a roadtrip.