Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Here's to the Man

Here's to the man - who occupied my thoughts today, yesterday and the night before...for no reason at all. Here's to the man whose image was by my side all day, as I drove here, there and back again. While I lay still against flourescent light bulbs. While I scrubbed my windshield with Windex. While I trotted upstairs and down. When everything was boring...I allowed myself to daydream...afternoon-dream....night-dream (which would just be a dream then...wouldn't it?) and in-between-dream. And he was quick to come through the door. And he doesn't feel like leaving. And that's okay with me. Because it's one of those wonderful little distractions. Sometimes the mind feels like an aged scrapbook. The kind with pieces that fall out and get stuck on the wrong pages or shoved in wherever they will fit. My mind is so crowded, but here's to the man that pushed everything into little cubby holes in my brain so I didn't have to think about them at all. He popped out like an old photograph and I latched on for dear life. If I were a character on a prime-time dramadey I'd probably have a roommate telling me I'm pathetic and we would go on a comedic romp or discuss relationships and dating over alcoholic beverages at a swank bar in a big city. But I'm not - and I don't - an this is no big city. So I'm keeping my pathetic daydream...thank you very much. Here's to the man that makes me think there's a chance. Whether or not it's him, doesn't really matter. Because tomorrow I'll most likely face the world again. The millions of things that I'll have to fight in my mind. And if there's even a small chance that he'll show up sometime to spend the day with me again - whether for real or as just an image of my imagination - that's okay with me.

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