Thursday, November 17, 2005

Service Interruption

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience ma'am," said Josh. "but the soonest we can have a tech out to you is Friday." Josh is a Customer Service Representative with my local cable internet company. And he's telling me I have to do without the world wide web for two days. I woke up yesterday morning to a dead modem. We've had strong winds here in Michigan and some of the lovely children in my building pried the cable box open just for kicks so the cable is prone to sporadic bursts of deadness. No internet does not a happy Jessica make. After I called three more times, hoping to find a customer service representative who could magically fix my connection over the phone, I gave in. No connection to the outside world. No blogs to read. No IM. No email. I can't explain my addiction to the internet. But I can say that it is unnerving. So I made do. I told myself the day would be fun, just like the ol' days - just without the legos. I bundled up - yes, we got our first snow here in MI - and headed down to the video store. When I got home I did homework (very little), and watched a lot of bad tv. Close to ten, the phone rang. "I have no cable and no internet and those f'n bastards won't come fix it 'til Friday." said Kim. "Barbie and I are getting ready to watch a movie, wanna come over?" I made excuses. I didn't want to go out in the stupid cold, start up my stupid car, drive on the stupid ice. "Does that make me sound lazy?" I asked. "Yes." Kim said. "Get over here." So I did. But we never watched the movie. Barbie, Kim & I gave Madison her first ever girl's night complete with bar gossip. It was fun. No scratch that. It was more than fun. It was...vintage. Something I thought I'd lost. This morning, my internet connection was back. And I was thankful. But an old connection had also been restored. And I am grateful.