Tuesday, December 13, 2005

War of Words

Don't ask me what has compelled me to write this post. I have other things that I could be doing. But I'm sitting here, watching tv and quite frankly, don't want to do anything else. I never thought that writing was a talent. I never thought it was something that some people did better than others. I never entertained the idea that I could write for a living. I remember the day that I did. Everything seemed bleak. Life seemed pointless and out of all of that the one thing that kept me going was my hand moving across a page. Aching after gripping a pen for hours. I've started stories that I've never finished. A countless many. But it doesn't matter, because even the unfinished ones have helped me breathe. Words are all I have. The things I say. The things I write. They're all anybody has, really. But what others don't realize is the power that lie in them. Blogging is supposed to be an example of self expression. Which means, a way to express yourself. And most blogs, it seems, the personal kind anyway - are people who are looking inward, into their own lives and putting those lives down on a page or a screen. Because to do so is freeing. Then there are those who do it for the audience. Writing specifically for people they assume are reading. Drama is a natural thing. It can be beautiful - like falling in love. It can be devastating - like the perfect storm. It can be scary, adventurous and sad. It can be rough or it can be easy. But it has to be natural. Stirred up drama is just that. Stirred up. The difference being the intention to hurt others, just to fill your time. The thing those people don't understand is that artificial drama...even in the form of a written blog - just comes out fake. A picture of a life that really isn't. And that's not self expression. That's just sad.