Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Fork

I have been sitting here trying to figure out a really poetic anecdote to write as a beginning to this post. But it's early and I'm tired, so screw that. I have a job. I may just start functioning like a normal human being once again. Employment has lifted quite a significant amount of weight off my shoulders. I might start emailing people again. Calling them. Heck, joking around a bit here and there. But it's not just a job. It's also a chance. The hours allow me to continue going to school - taking better and more available classes and also devote time to my recent blessing of a freelance contract with the local paper. What do you know, I'm becoming a grown up. It's a long story, but the other day the fear of a new job and new changes sent me into an emotional tailspin with Rachel on the other line trying hard to calm me down. Then came the choice between two equally inviting offers...but as I weighed dollars and cents, minutes and hours, casual with business casual...I realized I was missing the point. Sometimes the fork in the road is not just about the direction. I could choose to stay comfortable. Or I could choose to take a chance at moving myself forward, possibly seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that is school. Turning freelance into features. I'm scared as hell - but I did it. I knew it was the right decision because Rachel convinced me that I'd make the right one. And because the second I made it, the stories came flooding back. With that said, hopefully I'll be blessed with more good luck, and my computer will get fixed soon. Then we'll have to jazz up this rapidly deteriorating blog.

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