Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Birthday

It's at what I consider a significant moment in my life when you burst through my door...drunk...and full of hugs. At the time, I felt confidant, independant and in control of something. Maybe my life...maybe just the illusion of my life. Either way... I barely knew you - but I was certain you were kind. It's something that's apparent in your face. The first time we actually hung out - we talked about religion and the tumultuousness of friendships. I was impressed you felt you could talk to me about religion. I held your hair back as you threw up. I was amazed when you called the next day and thanked me. I always find it hard to pinpoint when a friendship comes to be. I sift through memories...sitting at opposite ends of the couch and talking until morning. Sitting in a deserted bar parking lot, talking until our cars had melted the ice that covered them. Talking until early morning hours. Astronomical phone bills. Talking. We do a lot of talking. I had always tried hard for a friend. I had always tried so hard to get them to like me...when we met, I was fed up with trying. I have wonderful friends who have accepted my changes... When I wasn't even trying - you were my friend. You accepted me for me. You've changed my perspective on just about everything - helped me become a better person - a better me. A better friend. Years ago - when you came into the world - the world almost lost you. So on your birthday - everyone who knows you celebrates you - because to know you is to know what a wonderful gift we would have missed out on. Happy Birthday.

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