Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Comfortable Shoes

The other day, my Dad told me that it sounded like I was getting back on my feet. He's probably right. Financially, things are looking up. I avoided an ass kicking at tax time - and my new job actually pays their employees. I'll get some extra money this summer - as I bulk up on the freelance work...and that is going well too - my editors support my work and find me talented. It's not bad, for someone just starting out. Slowly I find myself doing more stable activities. Cleaning. Laundry. Cooking. It's slow - but it's sure. But getting back on my feet scares me. I am in constant waiting for the other shoe to drop. Something must go bad. A friend must hate me. My family must feel ignored by me. I must have less money than I think. I don't like stable. It frightens me. I don't like okay - it only leads to not...okay. Maybe I just need better shoes.

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