Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Quicker on the Draw

My new phone has a camera in it. Shut up. My old phone had a key missing okay? Now I have a cool one and I realize all phones have cameras these days - but it still excites me. Driving through the lovely city of South Bend today, I was presented with the perfect opportunity to use my camera phone...but it was one of those times that you don't think about using it until the moment has passed. I came to a stop light - and was hit with ass. A rather large man wearing rather ill fitting pants was riding his bike ahead of me. I had to take a double, then a triple take to believe what I was seeing. A whole lotta ass. It wasn't until the shock wore off that I realized I could have captured the moment. I gotta get quicker on the draw. No offense to rather large men. Or men who wear ill fitting pants.

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