Thursday, June 29, 2006

So Delicious

I've got more to blog here in a bit, but it's been a while since I put anything fun up and today I just have to do so. After my interview this afternoon - I stopped by Best Buy to pick up a CD. I haven't actually gone into Best Buy in so long. I used to go in there often, picking out CD's and DVD's like they were penny candy. Walking out with my bright yellow bag and ripping the plastic off the cases, shoving the brand new, crisp disc into my player before even pulling out of the parking lot. "I've got to get out of here," I tell Kim. Before leaving, however, I pick up Tegan And Sara's "So Jealous". Three of the band's songs were featured in Season One of Grey's Anatomy and I got hooked. I bought the CD just to have it - and figured I'd be lucky to like four or five songs total. Music has always been a big thing for me. If I stay with one type - one genre - I will remain in one state of mind the entire time. When I'm angry, metal will fuel me, angry chicks and repressed souls and all the like will play over and over in the car, in my house, on the comp. When I'm feeling particularly sentimental about my family, my friends - it's Country as long as the day is....well....long. I just caught Gretchen Wilson's video for "California Girls" and that is going to creep into my cranium here before long - I just know it. Without lots of music - I get bored. Not just with music. With life. I need music like I need people...and I don't have a lot of people - but I do have over 600 CD's. So when I popped in "So Jealous" I could have skipped to my loo all the way home. Each song is delightfully indie-pop. A genre I haven't visited much or recently. Track after track was like carefully wrapped candies in a candy store. Dripping with color and sugary sweet. Check out their site, their space and best of all You Wouldn't Like Me, Fix You Up, Where Does The Good Go and I Know, I Know, I Know.

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