Friday, August 25, 2006

mind music

I need music. Need. It's an addiction. Music gets me through any day, any time. It inspires me. Listening to a song can coax on a revelation for me. Or start a story. Or help me see things in ways I hadn't before.

So when I rounded a corner of CD aisles and saw Zach Braff staring at me in black in white - I stopped.

Braff is a master of music. I adored 'Garden State' and when I picked up the soundtrack I was in another place and time and somehow that place and time - was magical. Along with his film, the music is a mix of life and imagination - the way real life is supposed to be. Each song reminds you of someone or something and at the same time opens you up to a world beyond, into, like a realization of condition - human or otherwise. This new albumn had to be the same way.

Some people see the same in photographs or structure or art or paint or pencil or paper. Music puts my brain to paper.

"Remember the face of the girl who made you her own - and how you left her alone..." sings track 2 as I drive myself home. The line makes me think of a friend.

She is quick to care in a way I never have been. She falls in love quickly and finds it hard to fall out. She can sit face to face with me and cry - something I find hard to do in front of anyone. She can say things like, "I'm worried about you," or "I'm here if you need to talk to me," when I feel uncomfortable responding to questions like that. Maybe with certain people I'm not. But I am envious of her openess. Of her emotion.

"Remember the face of the girl who made you her own - and how you left her alone..."

Women like my friend love despite appearances. Despite unreturned phone calls or emails. Despite attitude or distance. Despite "grown apart" or "not so much in common". They just love...hoping to be loved in return.

And so many people walk right by her - not even noticing what she has made of them in her heart. And so...for such women - there is a song.

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