Friday, September 01, 2006

fall clean

I had a really great post I wrote up about fall.'s fall. And I am super excited.

This is my season. In the summer, while gals are all out at the beach getting tan - or tanning so they're tan when they get to the beach - I let myself pale. I stay inside and let myself pale and keep the shades drawn and wait for the triple threat (heat, humidity, high hair) weather to subside. When it's fall, however, I go out and tan to a golden for clothes. The fall is my summer.

I wrote a whole post about it - but it's on my other computer. And I've been meaning to copy it up and throw it up here - but things are getting my damn way.

Things like work, deadlines, story ideas, pitches, school, assignments and readings. Oh - and a few hours of sleep in between.

I don't spring clean - I fall clean. I pick a weekend and light pumpkin spice candles and cookie scented candles and vanilla scented candles and I dust and I vaccume and I do dishes and spit shine and organize and prepare my house to love me when I come home to it.

I bake. Breads, cakes, cookies... I bake them up and take them with me and visit my family more often around this time of year. I suggest dinners with friends. I toast almonds and sprinkle them over pumpkin ravioli and buy red wine. I buy extra basil for my salads and crave french bread and munster cheese.

Everything is better in the fall. Reading, TV, movies, music. It's all better - I have a whole post about it.

But today, I picked up a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, a newspaper, a Newsweek and the fall issue of InStyle (to go w/ my fall fashion issue of New York) - and realized my writing is also better in the fall. That is to say - I have so much to write about.

Like how the world has really gotten bored with itself when we decide to alter millions of childhood memories of styrafoam balls and acrylic paint by declaring Pluto is not a planet.

And how excited I am that Calista Flockhart is making a return to TV.

And how I hope one day to wrap myself in Burberry - even if only for a day.

And how many ideas I actually have in this strung out little brain of mine - that seem to whir so intently...once I've had a little sleep.

So this weekend is going my fall weekend - if it kills me. I have plenty to do...including research, interviews, outlines, shopping, friends, family and the gym. But so help me - I will light candles, drink merlot, watch a cheesy movie or two, clean into the corners of my coffee table, read my magazines, make a large, irresponsible purchase of some fun electronic variety and redesign my blog.

So help me. It's fall.


Buffy said...

I dont care for summer. Mainly because I hate sun on my face. Wrinkles and all that.

Love love love the fall. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Jessica said...

No kidding! I've been giddy since mid August. I raided Yankee Candle and my house already smells like Thanksgiving.