Monday, November 26, 2007

luck & love

You know those scenes on television or in a movie...where the camera shows the city. Just the city. The skyline and it's dark and the lights are all twinkly and there are cars on the street. It's called something like an exterior transition shot. It's meant to show a change in location and provide a transition between scenes.

I love those scenes. I want to be in those scenes.

This morning the sky was thick with gray and dripping with cold drizzle that seemed to turn to sleet just moments before it hit the ground. The air was colder. And I would have given anything for a Starbucks with a view of Manhattan. Anywhere in Manhattan. A Starbucks with a view of Manhattan, a latte - and a world far, far away from this one.

Most people have trouble with transitions. That's why you have the transition scenes. They can't handle the quick cuts. From one scene to another. They need something in between. Something to guide them on. Sometimes I think...I'd be happy, just being in transition.

And I know some would say...that's exactly where I already am.

.....and in on an unrelated note...okay so not quite my brother leaves for basic training. So I wish him luck. Luck & Love.

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