Thursday, June 23, 2005

Stupid People Piss Me Off

Just another lovely night with family to get me all wound up and unable to concentrate on work. I'm really getting tired of stupid people. You're all gonna be sorry one day, DO YOU HEAR ME? That's right. When Meredith Baxter Birney is playing your ass on a Lifetime Special and you come to me to bum a couple "thou" - guess who'll be laughing at your ass... So since I'm blissfully irritated and unable to work...(which means tomorrow my boss will come into my office and say "whatcha workin on?" and I'll become instantaneously annoyed)... I'm throwing out some links to things that make me feel better. 1.) Other pissed off people - I don't agree with this chick's politics persay - but bitch on sister. 2.) Pissed off comedians - Lewis Black is my god. I love him. Just listen to the sound bites. 3.) Throwing darts at the boss - this is an old Joe Cartoon...I never tire of it. Please stick with me here people, I promise this is going to be a really good, entertaining blog someday. "People always say, 'Well the atheists think...' Listen, I know atheists...they don't give a shit! They don't have enough energy to have faith for f**k's sake. If the atheists don't want their kids to say 'under god' then the atheists should just have their kids say 'under dog'. That way you have the same amount of syllables and you end at the same time. And that's what diversity is all about." - Lewis Black on 'diversity'.

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