Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Until the Fight is Won...

President Bush spoke about the military presence in Iraq today. Speaking in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, he said that American forces would "stay in the fight - until the fight is won". A lot of people are starting to lose faith in what we're doing over in Iraq. (I won't link to any examples...I'm not really interested in promoting that.) And I think that's a shame. If we lose faith, then the lives of so many men and women - so much braver than we are - and the grief of their families end up in vain. The people who fight against us in Iraq...suck...to put it plainly. They use unconventional tactics...and put us in the position to fight long, hard and sometimes dirty. But what America didn't seem to realize when we entered the first phase of war - is that not all wars are finished as quickly as our triple soy latte's. Some enemies are in for the long haul. Our job? To show them we're in it longer. Israel could show us a little something about this... I commend President Bush on his speech yesterday. When this war started - I was championing all the protesters standing up for their right to disagree and to make their voices heard. I still give those people credit. Anyone who stands up for what they believe in deserves immeasurable credit. I just ask that we all take a second to consider what we're believing in. Because if we believe in backing down - for any reason - then we've just handed the victory to the enemy.

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