Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Damn The Man!!!

I am sooooooo rebelling against my job today. Mother Hunchers. (So says the poet known as...Hank.) So what's a girl to do when she's rebelling against authority? (Incidentally, my favorite thing to do...) I'm going to continue my list of me-isms. I considered stopping the list. Because I realized there was really no end. I could talk about myself forever. Really. Egocentric. Yeah, I know. But it's all because nobody ever listens to me anyway. But I digress...on with the list... 91.) Once, at my cousin's wedding, my brother and I fished old, smoked cigarette butts out of the ash tray to try and get a couple of hits because we'd run out. I gave him the one with the lipstick on it. 92.) I love stealing office supplies for personal use. 93.) I'm afraid of heights - like a slide or a cliff or anything high my feet are on. But I love to fly. 94.) I despise authority. 95.) I don't really know how to swim. I mean, a doggie paddle in the shallow end is as far as I'll go. 96.) Unless you look like George Clooney or Matt Damon - don't touch me. 97.) When I was in New York, I was in my aunt's apt. having a conversation with a writer/actor when I looked out her window to see - UGLY NAKED GUY READING A BOOK ON HIS COUCH!!! I was so excited that in my journal it says, "I totally saw ugly naked guy." 98.) I went to "Hebrew Day Camp" once when I was like...I dunno...ten. The only think I liked about it were the gummy bears. 99.) I'm a big liar. 100.) Trust me. 101.) Once I get every season of Alias, Ally McBeal, Party of Five & Friends on DVD - I won't need cable anymore. 102.) Old men that I find sexxy: Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Denzel Washington. 103.) Old men I DON'T find sexxy: Donald Trump, George Bush and Grandpa Simpson. 104.) I'd totally switch-hit for Angelina Jolie. 105.) I don't mind going to churches, but sometimes the people inside them scare me. 106.) When I was in middle school, I went out with a guy for three months - over the phone. Neither one of us felt like going across town to meet each other. 107.) I had to serve 19 hours of detention sophomore year because my mom always got me to school late. 108.) I. Love. Twinkle. Lights. 109.) I don't understand a thing about money - except for when I don't get any. 110.) I got drunk once and passed out with my head in a baby seat. 111.) I think I have ADHD. 112.) Now, where was I? Mmmm that was fun.


Leslie said...

I'm with you on #104. Not literally though, I mean I don't want to be there with you at the same time, but I get you're saying. Angelina is hot. I'd so let me doors swing her way if she offered.

#110 classic, that was the funniest night EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

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