Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Have A Little Faith In Me

"When your back's against the wall/turn around - you will see/I will catch you/I will catch your fall/just have a little faith in me..." It's funny about faith. People find it in so many places. Lottery tickets, higher powers, husbands, wives... Sometimes we're even a little generous with our faith and put it in people we know might not really be worthy of it... We give our faith out even when we don't have anything on paper showing us that it might be worth it. But we do it anyway's faith. And even with all seems the hardest place to find faith, is in yourself. So I just wanted to thank the people - and you know who you are - who have faith in me: You geeked when I called you yesterday because it triggered your new ringtone. Then when I came to your house, you acted like it was any other day...and somehow made it seem like there were no stresses to tango with. When you called me, the first words out of your mouth were motherly. Like always. And it made me feel like I was being watched over for a minute. And when we talked about problems and other things, you didn't make your problems overshadow mine. You put them on the same level...same as you have every day for ten years. I stayed too late again. But I talked. To your satisfaction. And when I turned around, I saw you listening. You heard me. You heard me when all I needed at that moment, was to be heard. And to all my friends who have faith in me no matter what... Thank you. You'll just never know what that means.

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