Thursday, April 20, 2006

Prone to Ponder

I really hate that I work while my friends sleep. I hate it more that I couldn't text tonight...even though I don't usually text after annoyed me that I knew I couldn't text. Incidentally, the reason I might have problems texting? The transfer of all my info over to my new phone. What kind of new phone y'all might ask? A RAZR!! That's right. I'm trendy. Look out. Next ---- MYPOD. Anyways...I hate that when I'm aching to talk to someone, everyone's asleep. I'm too prone to pondering for this kind of work. I'm itchy. I know something is going to happen (again - incidentally - something just did...but I refuse to divulge.). I want school over with, I want these articles over with. I want some time to breathe. It could be panic....I feel panicked....I hate that I feel panicked and I want to go home and talk to someone but it'll be 6 a.m. in the g-d damn morning and I'll have to try and force myself to sleep and force myself up again at 12:00 to try and talk to them. I feel like I'm running down a hill at a very nearly uncontrollable speed.